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The following are the sets released for the Japanese Shaman King TCG (in order as they were released).

Abbr. Japanese Name English Name Set Type Release Date
Premium Premium Premium Promotional  ???
First 超・占時略決 First Base Set 5/31/2001
EX メラ気合い編 Merakiahen Expansion 8/30/2001
CP キャラパック Character Pack Themed Packs 10/18/2001
Glico グリコ Gilco Expansion 11/??/2001
EX2 閃光のダウジング Dowsing of the Flash Expansion 12/6/2001
Prize プライズカード Prize Card Promotional  ???
GB GAMEBOY Gameboy Promotional 12/21/2001
GBsp GAMEBOY Special Gameboy Special Promotional 12/21/2001
Second 未来王降臨編 Advent of the Future King Base Set 4/2/2002
Glico2 グリコ2 Glico 2 Expansion 4/23/2002
JMP JUMP Jump Promotional 5/??/2002
JMP2 JUMP2 Jump 2 Promotional 7/12/2002
GBA GAMEBOY ADVANCE Gameboy Advance Promotional 7/25/2002
GBAsp GAMEBOY ADVANCE Special Gameboy Advance Special Promotional 7/25/2002
Prize2 プライズ2 Prize 2 Promotional  ???
EX3 ミッキーBBQ Miki BBQ Expansion 8/1/2002
Gilco3 グリコ3 Glico 3 Expansion 8/20/2002
CP2 キャラパック2 Character Pack 2 Themed Packs 10/??/2002
Gilco4 グリコ4 Glico 4 Expansion 11/25/2002
GBA2 GAMEBOY ADVANCE 2 Gameboy Advance 2 Promotional 12/13/2002
GBA2sp GAMEBOY ADVANCE 2 Special Gameboy Advance 2 Special Promotional 12/13/2002
OS オーバーソウ Oversoul Base Set 1/30/2003
CF カードファイル Card File Promotional 1/30/2003
OS2 オーバーソウ2 Oversoul 2 Expansion 4/1/2003
Prize3 プライズ3 Prize 3 Promotional  ???
JMP3 JUMP3 Jump 3 Promotional 9/??/2003