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Currently the wiki is in a "closed wiki mode." This means that updates to the wiki are currently only allowed by the administrator. This is designed so that the layout of the entire wiki can have consistency and is built with growth in mind. Below is the list of upcoming improvements that are planned for this wiki.

Continue Updating Card List (Japanese)

A majority of the "big" sets have been updated with near-complete card lists. Some cards sets (such as CP and CP2) are variants on cards that are already included in the key sets. Other sets only have a small number of cards that need to be added.

OS & OS2 sets

The admin has a complete set of the OS card set. But these cards still need to be scanned and translations will be needed. However, many of these cards are reprints from the original sets, so hopefully few translations are needed.

Japanese Rules & How to Play

Based on multiple sources, such as Johnnyboy3000's "How to Play" instructions, will need to be combined into a simple layout for explaining how to the play the game. Additionally differences on with the rules, and tournament play also need to be listed.


Erratas need to also be added to specific cards as the text may not accurately reflect those changes.

Japanese Player Rankings

Prior to the official website shutting down there was a list of player rankings. For historical purposes this should also be documented on the wiki.


New categories and centralizing pages will need to be created once more of the cards have been listed. This will allow for easier searching for card effects and related cards (such as the "users" for certain cards).

Japanese Videogames

Complete pages need to be built for all 4 videogames based in the Japanese TCG universe. This should contain basic information as well as more details on which cards are available in which games.

Videogame walkthrough/FAQs

To provide an easier access on playing the Japanese games, a basic walkthrough for each game will need to be created.

Videogame grid on specific cards

For each card that is featured in one of the 4 videogames an informational grid should also be displayed which will feature which videogames the card is in, as well as the card image.

American Card Game

The templates and complete card list needs to be built. This should also provide links to the Japanese cards where the card art was re-used.

How to Play & Rules

Based on Upperdeck's original rule book and later updated FAQ page, this should explain how to play the card game.